Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child. We strive to have staff, parents and administration work collectively for the benefit of each family.

Our program is based on the belief that children will grow and develop to their potential in an environment that is caring, nurturing, child-centered and developmentally appropriate. Learning experiences should promote creativity, positive self-esteem, awareness of cultural diversity, and meet the individual needs of children.

The Preschool is divided into class levels to help achieve the goal of individual development of each child according to his or her needs and abilities. The program for each group includes age appropriate learning activities such as:

  • free expression art activities
  • creative music, dance and movement
  • cooperative and educational games
  • language arts
  • hands-on math and science
  • children’s literature
  • dramatic play
  • cooking

Learning experiences are planned to focus around themes, or study units, covering interests, such as the community and its resources, outer space, and manners. Experiences are non-bias, related to the children’s daily lives and include all cultures. Children, parents and community members are encouraged to share their family traditions, cultural heritage and other areas of interest with the class. We strive to give children the opportunity to discover and explore new things about themselves as well as others.

Licensing, Health and Safety

Bethlehem Preschool is licensed as a day care center by New York State Office of Children and Family Services. We are inspected bi-annually by NYSOCFS and the Albany County Health Department. The Town of Bethlehem provides us with an annual fire inspection and we are periodically inspected by the CACFP. Staff receive at least 30 hours of training every 2 years in areas such as CPR, First Aid, and Medication Administration. A Childcare Health Consultant regularly reviews our healthcare plan to ensure the highest health standards.